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Large Quilt Block Patterns

Quilt block patterns in this folder finish at a minimum of 13 inches square, and some are much larger. Large quilt blocks can often be used as a stand-alone wallhanging, or as the center portion of a medallion quilt... simply surround the center with a series of borders. Larger quilt blocks look stunning on a queen or king size bed, too.

13-1/2" California Crossroads Quilt Block Pattern
Use this quilt block pattern to make scrappy California Crossroads quilt blocks or follow the link to make multiple blocks for the California Hourglass quilt.

13-1/2" Double Nine-Patch Quilt Block Pattern
Larger version of a Double Nine Patch quilt block, one that can be made from the jelly rolls.

13-1/2" Hour Glass Quilt Block Pattern
This version of the Hour Glass quilt block finishes at 13-1/2" square. An easy quilt block, you'll also find a link to the block used for the California Hourglass quilt pattern.

14" and 35" Bear's Paw Quilt Block Patterns
Make the traditional Bear's Paw quilt block.

14" Lincoln's Platform Quilt Block Pattern
Make a 14" square Lincoln's Platform block or use our tips to make an entire quilt from the blocks.

14" Picnic Time Quilt Block Pattern
Picnic Time can be altered dramatically by your choice of color and color value -- an 3D-like appearance is one of the options.

18" Double Hourglass Quilt Block Pattern
Double Hourglass can be sewn in an orderly, controlled way, but it looks fantastic as a scrap quilt -- and helps you use those leftover fabrics.

15" - Wishing Ring Quilt Block & Quilt Pattern
The Wishing Ring quilt block pattern shows you how to make a 15" square Wishing Ring block. You'll also find instructions for a bed sized Wishing Ring quilt.

15" Broken Branch Quilt Block Pattern
You can think of this quilt block as a floral or as a partial tree. Either way, the design is delicate and can be sewn scrappy or orderly, your choice.

15" Broken Dishes Quilt Block Pattern
Make a batch of 15" square Broken Dishes quilt blocks.

15" Premium Star Quilt Block Pattern
Premium Star is a traditional quilt block that resembles the Bear's Paw design, but with just enough of a difference to make the star design unique.

20" Handy Andy Quilt Block Pattern
Make a Handy Andy quilt block that finishes at 20" x 20".

22-1/2" Goose in the Pond Quilt Block Pattern
Make a Goose in the Pond quilt block that finishes at 22-1/2" x 22-1/2".

9" & 13-1/2" Nine Patch Chain Quilt Block Pattern
Three nine patch units flow diagonally in this patchwork quilt block, and that means you can change a quilt in many ways depending on how blocks are arranged.

12" & 24" Summer Winds Quilt Block Pattern
Choose the size you need, a Summer Winds quilt block that finishes at 12" or a block twice that size.

30" Weeping Willow Quilt Block Pattern
Weeping Willow is a quilt block that finishes at 30" square.

Tudor Rose Quilt Block Pattern
Use our easy quilt block pattern to make Tudor Rose quilt blocks.

Pine Tree Quilt Block Pattern
The Pine Tree quilt block looks wonderful sewn with scrap fabrics in all shades of green.

16" Oddfellows Chain Quilt Block Pattern
A variation of the Oddfellows Chain quilt block, but with a star at its center (rather than a large square of fabric).

16" Oddfellows Star Quilt Block Pattern
Make Oddfellows Chain quilt blocks, and vary their looks by changing the position of colors and contrast.

15" Linton Patchwork Quilt Block Pattern
Make the Linton quilt block, a design published by the Ladies Art Company -- perfect for scrap quilts.

Mosaic Sunbonnet Girl Quilt Block Pattern
An 18" Mosaic Sunbonnet Girl quilt block to use by itself or to team up with a little boy of the same basic design.

Mosaic Boy Quilt Block Pattern
A young boy holding a group of balloons -- works perfectly with the Mosaic Girl quilt block pattern.

15" Album Quilt Block Pattern
My 15" Album quilt block pattern is quick pieced, and is easy to assemble.

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