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Roman Stripes, an Easy Quilt Block Pattern


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Roman Stripes Quilt Blocks
Roman Stripes Quilt Block Pattern

Roman Stripes Quilt Block

© Janet Wickell

Roman Stripes Quilt Blocks Make Color-Packed Scrap Quilts

Roman Stripes is one name that's been given to this quilt block, but don't be surprised to see the same basic layout referred to in other ways. The block works nicely in many types of layouts, and is the perfect choice for a scrap quilt created from columns of strippy-set blocks.

Roman Stripes is the eighth block for the Backwards Medallion Sampler Quilt project.

Finished Block Size: 6" square

Roman Stripes Cutting Instructions - One Quilt Block

  • (24) scraps that will work with your layout, each 1-1/4" tall and slightly more than 2" wide
  • (4) accent bars, each 7/8" x 6-1/2"

Note: the block you'll sew has 8 scrappy patches in each of its columns, not 9 as shown above. I adapted my original pattern to make the patches rotary cuttable for a 6-inch quilt block.

See page 3 for strip piecing instructions to make twenty 6" and 12" blocks.

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