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6 Inch Quilt Block Patterns

Small without being miniature, that's one of the beauties of 6 inch quilt block patterns. You'll find many uses for this popular quilt block size: baby quilts, wallhangings, wider patchwork borders, medallion quilts... and don't forget bed quilts, where small blocks can be used to create lots of visual movement and appeal.

6-inch Rosebud Quilt Block Pattern
A small patchwork Rosebud used in the Medallion Sampler quilt or any other quilting project.

6-inch Ornate Star Quilt Block Pattern
Use quick piecing techniques to make 6-inch square Ornate Star quilt blocks.

6-inch Four Patch Chain Quilt Block Pattern
This easy quilt block is part of the Backwards Medallion Sampler quilt, but is the perfect choice for a baby quilt, too.

6" Album Churn Dash Quilt Block Pattern
Album Churn dash is an easy quilt block pattern, but you'll discover that it can look very different by altering the placement of color and color value.

6" Darting Birds Quilt Block Pattern
Sew 6" black and white Darting Birds on a blue background sky.

6" Flying Geese Quilt Block Pattern
In this variation of a popular Flying Geese block, three individual geese units are stacked on top of each other, with frames on two sides. The block is perfect for the columns used in strippy quilts.

6" Heart in a Snowball Quilt Block Pattern
Use our pattern to sew vibrantly colored hearts at the center of an easy Snowball quilt block.

6" I Spy Snowball Quilt Block Pattern
These easy I Spy quilt blocks are a wonderful choice for a child's quilt, or for any quilt where you would like to feature special fabrics.

6" Patchwork Heart Quilt and Quilt Block Pattern
You'll love these easy patchwork heart quilt blocks. Make a scrappy batch of blocks and swap with friends, or create a quilt of your own using the instructions on page 3 of the pattern.

6" Scrappy Sixteen Patch Quilt Block Pattern
Sew sixteen little squares together to create this very scrappy quilt block. Keep sewing blocks and you'll end up with a very scrappy one-patch quilt.

6" Tipsy Drunkard's Path Quilt Block Pattern
Perhaps the easiest Drunkard's Path (or other quilt block with curves) that you'll ever make. Alter the size as needed.

6" Triple Stripe Quilt Block Pattern
Triple Stripe is one of the quilt block patterns used in the Backwards Medallion quilt, but feel free to make the block for another quilting project.

6" x 7" Awarness Ribbon Quilt Block Pattern
Use this awareness ribbon quilt block (2 sizes) to make a comfort quilt or a quilt to donate to cancer (or other disease) research.

6" Yankee Puzzle Quilt Block Pattern
Used in a past Quilting Forum swap, Yankee Puzzle is an easy quilt block made from quick pieced quarter square triangle units.

6", 9" & 12" Maryland Beauty Quilt Block Pattern
Choose from three different sizes when you make Maryland Beauty quilt blocks.

4", 6" & 12" Single Irish Chain Quilt Block Pattern
Our pattern shows you how to make individual Single Irish Chain quilt blocks, and includes an easy baby quilt pattern.

6" & 12" Mock Basket Weave Quilt Block Pattern
One of the easiest quilts you'll ever make. Stitch a batch of these easy quilt blocks (instructions for 12 are included) and sew them together to make a quick quilt.

6" Buckeye Beauty Quilt Block Pattern
This smaller version of the Buckeye Beauty quilt block finishes at 6" x 6".

Cracker Quilt Block Pattern
Make a batch of colorful Cracker quilt blocks that finish at 6-inches square.

Slotted Spools Quilt Block Pattern
Slotted Spools is a twist on the traditional patchwork Spools pattern. It's an easy quilt block that you can sew in no time at all.

Framed Greek Cross Quilt Block Pattern
Framed Greek Cross is a quilt block pattern used for our Backwards Medallion Sampler quilt, but feel free to sew the block for any project.

Texas Puzzle Quilt Block Pattern
It's easy to make 6" Texas Puzzle quilt blocks.

Roman Stripes Quilt Block Pattern
Make Roman Stripes quilt blocks -- nice for any layout but perfect for strippy quilts.

6" City Streets Quilt Block Pattern
City Streets is a quilt block used in the Backwards Medallion Sampler quilt -- or sew a batch for a quilt of your own design.

Eccentric Star Quilt Block Pattern
Make Eccentric Star, and easy quilt block with lots of spin.

6" Johnny Round the Corner Quilt Block
Make Johnny Round the Corner, an easy quilt block pattern. Choose from two block sizes.

6" Lucky Clover Quilt Block Pattern
Choose from 6-inch or 12-inch quilt blocks when you make this easy quilt block... Lucky Clover.

Clustered Stars Quilt Block Pattern
Four stars get together to create this design. Two sizes are included, 6" square and 12" square.

Easy 6" Shoo Fly Quilt Block Pattern
This version of the Shoo Fly quilt block includes instructions for 6" and 12" blocks.

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