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10 Inch Quilt Block Patterns

Patchwork quilt blocks finishing at 10 inches square are typically five-patch designs. Their smaller units make the blocks suitable for any project you'd like to create, from baby quilts to bed quilts.
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10" Framed Nine Patch Quilt Block Pattern
Use the quilt block pattern to make 10" Framed Nine Patch quilt blocks, or combine the blocks with an alternate to sew the quilt shown on page 3.

10" Bird's Nest Quilt Block Pattern
Make Bird's Nest quilt blocks and use the pattern on page 4 to make a bed sized Bird's Nest quilt.

10" Bonnie Scotsman Quilt Block & Quilt Pattern
Mmake a 10" square Bonnie Scotsman quilt blocks. The pattern includes yardages and instructions for a 50" x 70" Bonnie Scotsman quilt.

10" Buckeye Beauty Quilt Block Pattern
Buckeye Beauty is an easy quilt block pattern that produces a design with strong visual movement along one diagonal.

10" Country Roads Quilt Block Pattern
Country Roads is an easy quilt block pattern without any of those stretchy bias edges.

10" Five Patch Chain Quilt Block (Another Version)
Follow the instructions to make Five Patch Chain quilt block. The free quilt block pattern also includes instructions for a bed-sized quilt.

10" Game Cocks Quilt Blocks
A quilt block pattern that illustrates some of the design variations possible with this traditional layout.

10" Five Patch Chain Quilt Block Pattern
The Five Patch Chain quilt block pattern shows you how to make a 10" square Five Patch Chain block, and includes a layout option for an entire quilt.

10" Grandma's Favorite Quilt Block Pattern
Pinwheels sit at all four corners of the Grandma's Favorite quilt block, providing lots of opportunity for spin.

10" Greek Cross Quilt Block Pattern
Use my Greek Cross quilt block pattern to make individual, scrappy quilt blocks that finish at 10" square. Refer to the last page of the pattern to make a Greek Cross quilt that measures about 64" x 84".

10" Lady of the Lake Quilt Block Pattern
Here's a five-patch version of the popular Lady of the Lake quilt block pattern. The block finishes at 10-inches square.

10" Philadelphia Pavement Quilt Block Pattern
Philadelphia Pavement is a Shoo Fly quilt block surrounded by sashing and cornerstones. The pattern includes instructions for a bed quilt.

10" Round the Corner Quilt Block Pattern
This five-patch quilt block is sewn mostly from squares, but has half-square triangle units at its corners.

10" Twenty-Five Patch Quilt Block Pattern
Twenty five scrappy squares come together to create this twenty five patch quilt block (which is technically a five patch design).

10" Wishing Ring Quilt Block Pattern
Wishing Ring is a five patch quilt block with lots of pieces, and that means you can use the design to create a wonderful scrap quilt (but it's just as lovely sewn with controlled fabrics).

12" Not So Much of a Trick Quilt Block Pattern
This multi-piece quilt block is an excellent choice for scrap quilts.

10" Offset Squares Quilt Block Pattern
At first, the Offset Squares quilt block may remind you of Country Roads, but the blocks have some important differences.

10" Old Fashioned Wedding Ring Quilt Block Pattern
Make the Old Fashioned Wedding Ring quilt block, an easy design that can be made with a theme or used for a fantastic scrap quilt.

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