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Denim Friendship Stars Quilt - Quilting - About.com
This denim quilt was made using the traditional Friendship Stars pattern.
Try One of My Star Quilt Patterns - Quilting - About.com
Looking for a star quilt pattern? You've come to the right place, because we offer lots of free star quilts in many designs and sizes.
Mexican Star Quilt - Quilting - About.com
Star Quilts - Quilt by Daesy. Mexican Star Quilt. Quilt by Daesy. From Daesy. : The Mexican Star Quilt measures about 42x42 inches and was made to hang in my ...
Sanderson Star Quilt - Quilting - About.com
From Keridog: "This is a copy of the original Sanderson Star made by Elizabeth Sanderson from the North of England. My friend Helen drafted the pattern out for  ...
How to Sew Ohio Star Quilt Blocks - Quilting - About.com
The Ohio Star quilt block should measure 12-1/2" x 12-1/2". If your block is smaller than it should be, or skewed, press again and recheck. If it still isn't quite right, ...
Friendship Star Quilt Block Pattern - Quilting - About.com
Use my free quilt block pattern to stitch a variation of the Friendship Star quilt block, an easy patchwork design with triangles in its corners.
Ohio Star Quilt Pattern - Quilting - About.com
The Ohio Star quilt is made from 13 quilt blocks. Nine Ohio Stars sit around the perimeter of the quilt and four blocks with an "X" configuration are sewn between  ...
Free Quilt Patterns (Full Instructions and Illustrations) - Quilting
I probably get more requests for star quilt patterns than for any other type of quilt. It's a good thing there are so many different kinds of star quilts -- I could write ...
Kansas Star Quilt Block Pattern - Quilting - About.com
Make Kansas Star, a quilt block pattern that's also called Eight Points Allover. My quilt block pattern explains how to design a unique layout.
Ohio Star Quilt Block Pattern Variation - Quilting - About.com
Try this Ohio Star quilt block pattern, a subtle variation with a bit more more kick in its corners. The quilt block finishes at 9" square.
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