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How to Choose the Best Rotary Cutter - Quilting - About.com
My advice helps you choose the best rotary cutter for your needs. Rotary cutters are available in different sizes and styles, and one is perfect for you.
Best Rotary Cutting Tools for Beginning Quilters - Quilting - About.com
Rotary cutters resemble pizza cutters, with an important difference--their blades are razor sharp so they can slice through fabric. I'll never forget how frightened I ...
What Is a Rotary Cutter? - Quilting - About.com
A rotary cutter is a cutting tool with a round blade that is capable of slicing through one or more layers of fabric. Resembling a pizza cutter, rotary cutters are  ...
Photo Gallery of Sewing Tools - Rotary Cutters - About.com
Available Options: Rotary cutters are available with different handles and protective devices. Always lock the blade cover when small children are in the area ...
Rotary Cutter - Housewares/Appliances - About.com
A rotary cutter is a very sharp cutting wheel that can turn freely on the end of a handle. There are various styles of rotary cutters with different applications.
Rotary Cutting Safety Tips for Quilters - Quilting - About.com
Get into the habit of closing your rotary cutter's safety shield every time you lay it down. Leave it open and I guarantee that someday you'll brush your hand ...
Rotary cutting tools - Sewing - About.com
The larger the store you go to, the larger the selection of rotary cutters will be... colors, sizes and more are all options but what is really important? Learn about ...
How to Use Rotary Rulers and Cutters - Sewing - About.com
Many free online patterns, as well as ideas in your imagination require squares, triangles and rectangles. Avoid disappointment and make these shapes ...
Sewing Safety When Using Rotary Cutters - About.com
Rotary cutters are a fast way to cut fabric and when used safely can save you hours of time cutting out fabric. Accidents happen though and you need to know ...
Rotary Cutting for Quilters (Advice to Make You a Pro) - Quilting
Place your hand on the remaining ruler to hold it firmly in place and roll a rotary cutter from bottom to top along the ruler's right edge. Spread your fingers out to ...
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