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Best Tools for Beginning Quilters - Quilting - About.com
Which quilting tools do beginning quilters really need? Our list of the basic tools every quilter needs will help you cut and sew with ease.
A Guide to Quilting Tools and Supplies - About.com
Learn which quiltmaking tools are required for a good start, and discover others to add after you know which quilting techniques are your favorites.
Quilting Quizzes: How Much Do You Know About Quilting Tools
Take the Quilting Tool Quiz to test your knowledge of past and present quilting tools and equipment.
Best Rotary Cutting Tools for Beginning Quilters - Quilting - About.com
Find out which rotary cutting tools to put on your must-have list when you begin to make quilts. A look at some of the many rotary cutting options.
Unconventional Quilting Tools - About.com
Some of our Quilting Forum members have shared their favorite unconventional quilting tools -- things that weren't made for quilting, but adapt wonderfully for ...
Quilting Tools for Breast Cancer Awareness
Browse a selection of pink ribbon quilting tools that show support for breast cancer awareness.
Which Rotary Rulers Do You Need to Make a Quilt? - Quilting
Learn which rotary rulers you'll need to get started quilting. You might want to collect more over time, but these rulers get you off to a good start.
Tools you Can Use to Organize Quilting Supplies - About.com
Quilting tools and other items you can use to organize your quilting supplies.
What's the Best Way to Organize Quilting Supplies? - About.com
I found one of those circular kitchen gadget holders ideal for all my quilting tools. It sits next to my sewing machine and because it revolves, I don't have to get up ...
Quilting Tools Review: Omnigrid Marking Ruler Trio - About.com
Omnigrid's Marking Ruler Trio is a set of three rulers that make it easy to mark 1/4 -inch seam allowances or other sewing lines.
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