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All About Fabrics... How to Work with Quilting Fabrics
Use my tutorials to understand and work with your quilting fabrics. Learn how to do a burn test to identify unknown fibers, how to use fabric grain to improve the ...
What's the Best Way to Create a Quilting Fabric Collection?
If you are a new quilter, you probably buy quilting fabric as you need it, focusing only on your current project (and maybe throwing in a few extras). But you'll ...
Pros and Cons of Prewashing Your Quilting Fabrics - About.com
Should you pre-wash your quilting fabrics? The answer depends on the fabrics and the final design of the quilt. We'll help you decide.
Keep Your Quilting Fabrics from Fraying in the Wash - About.com
Don't you just hate it when quilting fabrics fray in the wasy? Use this easy method to say goodbye to all those strings.
How to Build a Fabric Stash - Quilting - About.com
Tips from other quilts offer advice to help you build a fabric stash.
Take Our Quilting Fabric Quiz - About.com
Take the Fabric Quiz to test your knowledge of quilting fabrics.
Create Your Own Quilted Fabric - Sewing - About.com
Learn to make your own quilted fabric to have exactly what you want! ... layer the fabric to quilt your own fabric - Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.
Fabric Swaps in the About.com Quilting Forum
Many of our Quilting Forum members regularly participate in a fabric noodles swap. If you're not familiar with that term, it refers to long, narrow strips of ...
How to Preview Color Value in Quilting Fabrics - About.com
Use one (or all) of these easy methods to preview color value when you're making a quilt.
10 Things Every Quilter Should Know About Quilting
Fabrics are the backbone of our quilts, but you might be surprised how many people begin to assemble their first quilt without putting fabric characteristics to ...
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