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What's the Best Way to Create a Quilting Fabric Collection?
Our tips will help quilters build a balanced collection of quilting fabrics.
Pros and Cons of Prewashing Your Quilting Fabrics - About.com
Should you pre-wash your quilting fabrics? ... Pros and Cons for Prewashing Your Quilting Cottons ... Piles of batik fabric - Lisa Stokes/Moment/Getty Images.
Take Our Quilting Fabric Quiz - About.com
Take the Fabric Quiz to test your knowledge of quilting fabrics.
How to Build a Fabric Stash - Quilting - About.com
Tips from other quilts offer advice to help you build a fabric stash.
Fabric Swaps in the About.com Quilting Forum
Many of our Quilting Forum members regularly participate in a fabric noodles swap. If you're not familiar with that term, it refers to long, narrow strips of ...
How to Do a Fabric Bleed Test - Quilting - About.com
Learn how to do a fabric bleed test to make sure that dyes are stable, and won't ruin other fabrics when they are washed.
All About Fabrics... How to Work with Quilting Fabrics
Use my tutorials to understand and work with your quilting fabrics. Learn how to do a burn test to identify unknown fibers, how to use fabric grain to improve the ...
What's a Fat Quarter of Fabric, and How is it Cut? - Quilting - About ...
Fabric width has varied over the years, but most of today's quilting cottons measure 42" to 44" across their width (from selvage to selvage). My article about  ...
Get Familiar With Fabric Grain in Quilting Cottons - About.com
Understanding fabric grain helps you make a quilt that's accurate and easy to assemble. Put fabric grain to work and your quilting skills will blossom.
10 Things Every Quilter Should Know About Quilting
Learn the ins and outs of quilting before you begin. ... How Understanding Fabric Grain Can Improve Your Quiltmaking Skills · Prewashing Pros and Cons.
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