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How to Measure and Sew Borders to a Quilt - Quilting - About.com
Use my easy instructions to learn how to measure and sew straight borders to a quilt -- an important step that can help square up skewed projects.
Learn How to Make Quilt Borders with Corner Squares - Quilting
Sewing quilt borders with corner squares, sometimes called cornerstones, is a fast and easy way to add a little extra interest to your quilt. The corners can be cut  ...
Quilt Borders - Learn to Design and Make Quilt Borders - Quilting
Varying your quilt's borders can make your finished quilt look much different. You can finish your quilt with straight-cut borders, mitered borders, pieced borders ...
How to Sew Side Borders to the Quilt - Quilting - About.com
Fold one of the borders in half crosswise to find its midpoint, using your fingers to crease it slightly at that spot. Find the quilt's horizontal midpoint. Place the ...
Quilting - How to Cut and Sew Mitered Borders
Mitered borders come together at an angle at each corner of the quilt--like the miter in a picture frame. Quilters sometimes shy away from mitered borders ...
Quick Tip for Mitered Quilt Borders - Quilting - About.com
Use this easy method to sew multiple mitered borders to your quilt.
How to Calculate Yardage for Quilt Borders - Quilting - About.com
Borders help you easily adjust the size of your quilt top. Vary the number of borders you sew to the quilt or adjust their widths to suit you. Once you've determined ...
Advantages of Straight Grain Fabric Cuts in Quilts
Because they do not stretch easily, long strips cut on the lengthwise grain make good quilt borders and sashing. They can stabilize and help you square-up the ...
Using Patchwork Borders in Your Quilts - Quilting - About.com
A few tips and techniques to help you sew a quilt with patchwork borders.
Learn How to Make a Quilt (Start to Finish) - Quilting - About.com
Not every quilt needs borders, but when you do add them, remember that borders serve as a frame for your quilt, enhancing its design in the same way that a ...
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