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Easy Quilt Patterns for Your Next Quick Quilt - Quilting - About.com
A collection of easy quilt patterns for beginning quilters. Like other quilt patterns on the Quilting site, they're written with detailed instructions and illustrations that ...
Find a Free Quilt Block Pattern for Your Next Project - Quilting
Free quilt block patterns, including lots of easy patterns just right for beginning quilters. Find quilt block patterns of all sizes and types.
Get Off to a Quick Start with My Easy Quilt Patterns
Easy quilt patterns are perfect for beginning quilters, and a wonderful option whenever you need a quick quilting project.
Easy Framed Four Patch Quilt Block Pattern - Quilting - About.com
Framed Four-Patch quilt blocks are a breeze to make. Use our Framed Four- Patch quilt block pattern to sew a simple quilt in any size.
Easy Mock Basket Weave Quilt Block Pattern - Quilting - About.com
Grab one or two striped fabrics and cut a bunch of squares. That's all you need to do to make this easy mock Basket Weave quilt block pattern.
Easy Double Four Patch Quilt Block Pattern - Quilting - About.com
My easy quilt block pattern shows you how to make a colorful batch of Double Four Patch quilt blocks.
Sew Easy Log Cabin Quilt Blocks - Quilting - About.com
Use my free log cabin quilt pattern to make log cabin blocks without templates. This easy log cabin quilt is a breeze to sew. Page 3.
Free Quilt Patterns (Full Instructions and Illustrations) - Quilting
Your first quilt should be a project that you'll finish with ease -- something that will make you say "bring on the next pattern." These easy quilt patterns are a good ...
Easy Log Cabin Quilt Pattern... No Templates Required - Quilting
Use my free log cabin quilt pattern to make log cabin blocks without templates. This easy log cabin quilt is a breeze to sew.
Easy Star Quilt Block Pattern with Nine Patch Centers - Quilting
Play around with layout options to find a favorite look when sew these easy star quilt block with nine patch centers.
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