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Pros and Cons of Prewashing Your Quilting Fabrics - About.com
Pros and Cons for Prewashing Your Quilting Cottons ... Bleeding dyes can stain sections of other fabrics during prewashing, but they're an even bigger problem ...
Quilters... Press, Don't Iron! - Quilting - About.com
Machine Piecing Methods · Hand Sewing Your Quilts · Sewing a Quarter-Inch Seam · Pre-Washing Pros and Cons · Burn Tests Identify Fabric · Do a Bleed Test  ...
Quilting Quiz - Are You a Fabriholic? - Fabric Lovers Unite - About.com
Quilt and Fabric Resources: More Quilting Quizzes · Learn About Fabric Grain · Get Comfy with Color Value · Color Wheel Basics · Pre-Washing Pros and Cons
What is Fabric Crocking? - Quilting - About.com
Quilting Glossary · Bleeding · How to Perform a Bleed Test · Fabric Prewashing Pros & Cons · Use Fabric Grain to Improve Your Quilting Skills. Ads. &ensp.
Take Our Quilting Fabric Quiz - About.com
Prewashing Pros and Cons · Identify Fabric with a Burn Test · How to Do a Bleed Test · Raise Your Hand if You're a Fabriholic · Make Your Own Marbled Fabric
How to Participate in Quilting Swaps - About.com
The terms describe two different methods used to get items from one person to another, and each one comes with its own set of pros and cons.
Get Familiar With Fabric Grain in Quilting Cottons - About.com
Fabric Prewashing Pros and Cons · How to Perform a Bleed Test · Quick Way to See Grain Lines · Color Wheel Basics · Quilting Equipment and Supplies ...
Quilting Quiz - Name the Quilt Design - About.com
Pre-Washing Pros and Cons · Free Quilt Patterns · Free Baby Quilt Patternsk · Free Quilt Block Patterns · Quilt Pictures from Our Community Members · Standard ...
Fabric Bleeding, How to Recognize It and Stop the Bleed - Quilting
Most of today's quilting fabrics do not bleed, but pre-washing the fabrics helps you ... Quilting Glossary · Fabric Prewashing Pros and Cons · Perform a Bleed Test ...
Use My Easy Method to Sew a Hanging Sleeve to Your Quilt - Quilting
... a Quilt · Learn to Measure and Sew Quilt Borders · Understanding Fabric Grain · How to Press Quilt Blocks · Fabric Pre-Washing Pros and Cons · New Quilter?
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