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Pros and Cons of Prewashing Your Quilting Fabrics - About.com
Should you pre-wash your quilting fabrics? The answer depends on the fabrics and the final design of the quilt. We'll help you decide.
Keep Your Quilting Fabrics from Fraying in the Wash - About.com
Don't you just hate it when quilting fabrics fray in the wasy? ... The only thing I really dislike about prewashing my quilting fabrics is all the strings that come loose ...
How to Treat Fabric with Alum for Hand Marbling - Quilting - About.com
We'll hand marble 100% cottons. Fabric that's sold for dyeing is a perfect choice, but any cotton fabric will do. Pre-wash fabrics, and if they're "regular" cottons off ...
10 Fabric Painting Tips - About.com
The reason for prewashing fabric before painting on it is to remove any sizing added during manufacture which may prevent the paint from adhering to the ...
Do a Fabric Bleed Test to Make Sure Dyes are Stable - Quilting
Some quilting fabrics bleed, losing dyes in the wash and staining other fabrics. ... Pre-Washing Pros and Cons · Use Fabric Grain to Improve Your Quilts · Quick ...
Understanding Sewing Interfacing for Fabric - About.com
Before a fusible interfacing can be used, the fabric should be pre-washed in order to remove the chemicals that are used in processing. The sizing in the fabric ...
What is Fabric Bleeding? - Quilting - About.com
Most of today's quilting fabrics do not bleed, but pre-washing the fabrics help you ... Shout makes a product called Color Catchers, which resembles fabric ...
I'm getting ready to stitch my first Redwork project. Do you have any ...
I love the contrast between the dark thread and the fabric. ... Remember to pre- wash the fabric and press it to remove the starch or sizing and any wrinkles before ...
How to Use Liquid Fabric Dye Successfully
Dip test fabric or paper towel to test color. If it is too light, add more dye. If mixing colors, adjust accordingly to achieve the look you want. Wet pre-washed fabric ...
Frugal Quilting Advice from Quilters Around the World - About.com
Fortunately, my sewing machine loved to sew on heavy fabric (using the .... Before pre-washing fabric, I cut a small triangle off of each corner of the fabric.
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