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Pros and Cons of Prewashing Your Quilting Fabrics - About.com
Should you pre-wash your quilting fabrics? ... Piles of batik fabric - Lisa Stokes/ Moment/Getty Images ... When fabrics are washed, the agitation of the washing machine and the wicking action that draws moisture into the fibers allow the coated ...
How to Do a Fabric Bleed Test - Quilting - About.com
Learn how to do a fabric bleed test to make sure that dyes are stable, and ... If fabric bleeding stops, be sure to pre-wash before use (and I would ... Pre- Washing Pros and Cons · Use Fabric Grain to Improve Your Quilts · Quick Tips ...
Fabric Bleeding, How to Recognize It and Stop the Bleed - Quilting
Let's talk about fabric bleeding -- what it is, when you might experience it, and ... Most of today's quilting fabrics do not bleed, but pre-washing the fabrics helps ...
10 Fabric Painting Tips - About.com
To test whether a piece of fabric really needs prewashing, drop a little bit of water on it. If it beads up on the surface, it needs washing. If it sinks in, so should ...
How to Pre-Soak Laundry - Laundry & Laundry Rooms - About.com
Fabric Content of Item (if appropriate). I like to soak laundry overnight before washing to get it as clean as possible. Is there any harm to my clothes by soaking  ...
5 Baby Laundry Tips for New Parents - Baby Clothes - About.com
Washing baby clothes before they're worn is an absolute necessity. ... Method Baby Laundry Detergent) and skip the fabric softener — both liquid and sheets. ... You can then soak your baby's clothes in a laundry pre-treater such as OxiClean  ....
How To Preshrink Fabric Before Sewing - About.com
Preshrinking fabric before you start cutting and sewing is the only way to assure that the finished item will not shrink. Learn how to preshrink fabric here.
How to Treat Fabric with Alum for Hand Marbling - Quilting - About.com
Pre-wash fabrics, and if they're "regular" cottons off the bolt, throw a few ... into the washing machine after each session (washable pads, not disposable types).
How to Prevent Cotton Clothes From Shrinking - Submit an Entry ...
If you are washing in cold water and air drying, you are doing all you can at home ... In the future, look for cotton clothing that is "pre-shrunk" - the fabric has been ...
Can My Upholstered Slipcovers Can Be Machine Washed?
If your upholstery is not pre-shrunk, washing in the washing machine will shrink the fabric and make it difficult to impossible to have the item fit back where it ...
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