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Free Pinwheel Quilt Block Patterns - Quilting - About.com
Free pinwheel quilt patterns in many configurations. Mix and match for a pinwheel sampler quilt or repeat designs... your choice.
Easy Pinwheel Quilt Block Pattern - Quilting - About.com
Choose a fabric you love and use it as color inspiration for my easy pinwheel quilt block pattern.
Double Pinwheel Quilt Block Pattern - Quilting - About.com
You'll have fun using my Double Pinwheel quilt block pattern to sew a 12-inch version of this all-time-favorite patchwork design.
Print a Paper Pinwheel Template - Family Crafts - About.com
You will need a square pattern to use for your pinwheel. You can use the one above, complete with cut marks, by right-clicking on it and choosing to print.
6" and 12" Framed Pinwheel Quilt Block Pattern - Quilting - About.com
Love pinwheel quilt blocks? Try my Framed Pinwheel quilt block pattern to make either 6" x 6" or 12" x 12" quilt blocks.
Pinwheel Pattern - Frugal Living - About.com
Draw diagonal lines across your square to join up the corners. Then, mark the center of the square with a dot, and draw an additional dot at each of the corners.
Easy Pinwheels Baby Quilt Pattern - Quilting - About.com
Use my framed pinwheels quilt pattern to stitch an easy baby quilt.
Easy Framed Pinwheels Quilt Block Pattern - Quilting - About.com
My easy framed pinwheel quilt block pattern includes instructions for a 12-inch pinwheel quilt block and a 6-inch block.
Easy Pinwheel Quilt Block Pattern Variation - Quilting - About.com
This easy pinwheel quilt block pattern is assembled with one simple patchwork unit that's sewn in different color combinations.
Pinwheel in a Square Quilt Block Pattern - Quilting - About.com
Pinwheel in a Square is a quilt block that finishes at either 8-inches square or 12- inches square, your choice. I designed the block to be used with the Springtime ...
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