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How to Make Binding for Quilts - Quilting - About.com
It's easy to make binding for quilts, and there are several popular quilt binding techniques to choose from. We'll show you two favorites.
How to Make Long Binding Strips for Quilts - Quilting - About.com
Use this easy method to make continuous quilt binding strips from fabric cut across the crosswise grain.
How to Cut Bias Quilt Binding from a Tube of Fabric - Quilting
Step by step instructions show you how to make continuous bias binding for your quilts.
Sew Bias Quilt Binding - Quilting - About.com
Learn how to create a continuous strip of bias quilt binding from a single square of fabric. ... Cut square in half then sew the halves together as directed. Janet ...
How to Make Continuous Bias Binding for Quilts - Quilting - About.com
You can make bias binding for quilts by sewing bias-cut strips together end to end -- the same technique used for crosswise grain quilt binding. However, some  ...
Sew Mitered Binding - Quilting
Now that you've finished quilting, it's time to bind the quilt by sewing continuous binding strips around its edges. We'll sew binding to the quilt so that each corner  ...
How to Choose a Quilt Binding Fabric and Method
Put your blocks or finished quilt top on a design wall (or any flat surface) and place longish strips of potential binding fabrics alongside. Step away. Do you like  ...
How to Bind the Edges of a Quilt - Quilting - About.com
Learn how to make quilt binding strips and sew them to the quilt, along with other techniques that can be used to finish a quilt's edges.
How to Miter Binding at the Quilt's Corners - Quilting - About.com
My instructions and illustrations show you how easy it is to sew mitered corners when you bind a quilt.
Sew Tucked Binding Strips to the Sides of a Quilt
Lift the presser foot and refold the binding lengthwise again, aligning both edges of the strip evenly with the edge of the quilt. Check the initial seam to make sure ...
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