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How to Write Press Releases for the Media - Advertising - About.com
As a PR pro or company owner managing your own public relations campaign, writing press releases should become very natural to you. If you've got news ...
Johannes Gutenberg - Printing Press - Inventors - About.com
In 1450 Johannes Gutenberg made his first printing press.
Dumbbell Chest Press - Exercise - About.com
Get full instructions and pictures of the dumbbell chest press for the muscles of the chest from your About Exercise Guide.
How to Create Press Kits - Advertising - About.com
There's no rule book on creating press kits that says what components you must include in your own media kit. Your press kits will vary based on what you're ...
How to Press Tofu Using a Cutting Board and a Towel
If you're new to cooking with tofu and aren't sure what to do with tofu, read this illustrated step-by-step to learn how to press tofu.
Music Press Releases 101 - Music Careers - About.com
A good press release can make or break you. Competition for the press is fierce, and your press release can often decide whether you're getting that coveted ...
Who Invented the First Press Release - Inventors - About.com
A press release is a public statement made to the media - how do you wtite a great one and who wrote the first.
Music Press Releases - Album Press Release Template
A well written press release is the first step in getting some attention for your new album. Use this template to help you organize your information. Note that this ...
Tour Press Release Template for Bands - Music Careers - About.com
You want bums on seats for your shows? Then you need to let people know they' re happening! A tour press release is what you need to get media coverage of ...
How to Do the Leg Press (Leg Press Machine) - Weight Training
May 19, 2014 ... Two types of leg press machine are in common use: the standard horizontal leg press and the 45 degree leg press. This second leg-press ...
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