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How to Press Quilt Blocks to Improve Your Quilting Skills - About.com
Your quilting skills will improve immediately when you learn how to press quilt blocks and quilts as you sew. And remember... press, don't iron!
Learn How to Press Quilt Blocks - Quilting - About.com
Most quilting patterns tell you which way to press seam allowances. Set the iron down on top of the unopened unit to set the seam. Let the unit cool a bit then flip ...
Quilters... Press, Don't Iron! - Quilting - About.com
Take care to let heat and the weight of an iron do the work when you press quilt blocks and quilts.
How to Press and Dry Your Flowers - Family Crafts - About.com
Learn how to save your colorful flowers by drying or pressing them. Great for crafts, decorations, and gifts!
How to Press a Seam Open - Sewing - About.com
Pressing is the answer to avoiding a homemade looking sewn project. Learn how to properly press open a seam to achieve professional appearing results when ...
Tips to Help You Press Quilt Seam Allowances - Quilting - About.com
Is it better to press a quilt's seam allowances to one side or press the seams open ? Learn some of the pros and cons of each pressing method.
How to Press Tofu Using a Cutting Board and a Towel
To press your tofu, you'll need a cutting board, several paper towels or a clean dish cloth, a large bowl or another cutting board, and something to use as a ...
Tips for Using Dried, Pressed Flowers Like the Pros - Gardening
... weeds, that press well. Here are some tips from an expert at pressing flowers, to press your own flowers and use the pressed flowers to their best advantage.
How to Press Fall Leaves - Gardening - About.com
You can keep fall leaves around longer simply by pressing them with a weight. They won't last forever, but it's an easy and quick way to enjoy the fall foliage a ...
Pressing Fall Leaves - How to Preserve the Beauty - Gardening
Selecting Leaves to Press or Preserve. Choosing Which Fall Leaves to Preserve - Photo: Marie Iannotti (2007) licensed. Choosing Which Fall Leaves to ...
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