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Learn How to Paper Piece a Quilt - Tutorial - Quilting - About.com
The term is a bit confusing, because paper piecing is just one of the names used to describe the broad category of foundation piecing. The term 'paper' clicked ...
Learn How to Paper Piece a Quilt - Quilting - About.com
Paper piecing (it's technical name is foundation piecing) is a popular quiltmaking technique where quilts are made by sewing pieces of fabric onto a foundation, ...
Tips to Help You Sew Paper Pieced Quilts - Quilting - About.com
Call it paper piecing or foundation piecing -- no matter which term you use you'll find that this method is an easy and accurate way to make quilts.
Learn How to Paper Piece a Log Cabin Quilt Block
Most people use the term paper piecing when talking about this technique, but it's actually a method that falls under the umbrella of foundation piecing -- where ...
Log Cabin Quilt Block Paper Piecing Instructions - Quilting - About.com
Place the red center square right side up on the unprinted side of the log cabin foundation. Be sure to center it over the area for piece 1. Hold in place or secure  ...
What Is a Foundation Piecing Template? - Quilting - About.com
Definition of the term foundation piecing template, from the quilting glossary at About Quilting.
Paper Pieced Pineapple Quilt Pattern - Quilting - About.com
The Pineapple Quilt is made with foundation (or paper) pieced pineapple blocks. The quilt on this page has two variations of the pineapple quilt blocks, where ...
Paper Pieced Quilt Patterns - Quilting - About.com
The term paper piecing is a bit confusing, because paper piecing is just one of the methods used for foundation piecing. However, the word paper has become ...
Learn How to Make a String Quilt
It's easy to learn how to make string quilts, which are assembled using a simple type of foundation piecing. The technique is also called string piecing and string ...
Oddfellows Star, a Paper Pieced Miniature Quilt Pattern - Quilting
I have had more requests for this miniature quilt pattern than for all of the others in the Quick Little Quilts gallery. The quilt is foundation pieced. If that's a new ...
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