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Get Familiar With Fabric Grain in Quilting Cottons - About.com
Understanding fabric grain helps you make a quilt that's accurate and easy to assemble. Put fabric grain to work and your quilting skills will blossom.
Do an Easy Stretch Test to Identify Fabric Grain - Quilting - About.com
Try this easy stretch test to learn the differences between the crosswise, lengthwise and bias grains of fabric.
Advantages of Straight Grain Fabric Cuts in Quilts
Learn why straight grain cuts of fabric are the best solutions for many areas of a quilt.
Understanding Fabric Grain - Sewing
Almost any pattern you read will tell you to follow the lengthwise, crosswise or bias grain of fabric. Learn what these terms mean and understand their ...
Understanding and Following the Grainline of Fabric - Sewing
Here you'll find everything you need to understand what fabric grainline is, how to recognize fabric that is not on straight grain, and how you can straighten fabric ...
Easy Way to Find and Cut Quilting Fabrics on the Straight Grain
Use this technique to locate the straight grain in a piece of quilting fabric.
Bias Grain of Fabric - Sewing - About.com
Bias grain of fabric is one of three parts you must understand to have garments that hang properly. Learn about bias fabric grain here.
What Is a Fabric's Crosswise Grain? - Quilting - About.com
The crosswise grain of a piece of fabric is made up of threads that run perpendicular to the length of fabric as it comes off the bolt. In other words, perpendicular ...
How to Use Bias Cut of Fabric in Your Quilts - Quilting - About.com
Analyze the pattern to determine the best placement for it -- usually on a block's interior and sewn to a straight grain piece when possible for stabilization.
What's the Lengthwise Grain of a Piece of Fabric?
The lengthwise grain is made up of threads that run parallel to the length of fabric as it comes off the bolt. In other words, parallel to the selvage edges.
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