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Pros and Cons of Prewashing Your Quilting Fabrics - About.com
Should you pre-wash your quilting fabrics? The answer depends on the fabrics and the final design of the quilt. We'll help you decide.
Keep Your Quilting Fabrics from Fraying in the Wash - About.com
The only thing I really dislike about prewashing my quilting fabrics is all the ... Fabric Prewashing Pros and Cons · Put Fabric Grain to Work for You · How to Do a ...
Fabric Bleeding, How to Recognize It and Stop the Bleed - Quilting
Although bleeding is most commonly seen when washing vividly colored fabrics, particularly reds and ... Quilting Glossary · Fabric Prewashing Pros and Cons.
Quilters... Press, Don't Iron! - Quilting - About.com
Machine Piecing Methods · Hand Sewing Your Quilts · Sewing a Quarter-Inch Seam · Pre-Washing Pros and Cons · Burn Tests Identify Fabric · Do a Bleed Test  ...
Do a Fabric Bleed Test to Make Sure Dyes are Stable - Quilting
Some quilting fabrics bleed, losing dyes in the wash and staining other fabrics. ... Pre-Washing Pros and Cons · Use Fabric Grain to Improve Your Quilts · Quick ...
Quilting Quiz - Are You a Fabriholic? - Fabric Lovers Unite - About.com
Quilt and Fabric Resources: More Quilting Quizzes · Learn About Fabric Grain · Get Comfy with Color Value · Color Wheel Basics · Pre-Washing Pros and Cons
How to Build a Fabric Stash - Quilting - About.com
I do pre-wash everything new as soon as I have enough to do. .... What You Need to Know About Fabric Grain · Prewashing Pros and Cons · Press, Don't Iron!
Quilting Quiz - Name the Quilt Design - About.com
Pre-Washing Pros and Cons · Free Quilt Patterns · Free Baby Quilt Patternsk · Free Quilt Block Patterns · Quilt Pictures from Our Community Members · Standard ...
5 Ways to Safely Store Your Quilts - Quilting - About.com
Separate quilts with white cotton sheets or pre-washed unbleached muslin to ... How to Make Homemade Laundry Soaps · Pros and Cons of Fabric Prewashing  ...
Take Our Quilting Fabric Quiz - About.com
Prewashing Pros and Cons · Identify Fabric with a Burn Test · How to Do a Bleed Test · Raise Your Hand if You're a Fabriholic · Make Your Own Marbled Fabric
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