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Janet Wickell

Janet Wickell

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Kitty Cat Quilt © Janet Wickell

Janet Wickell began quilting during the quilt revival of the 1970's and it didn't take long for her to become hooked on the craft. She enjoys making patchwork and applique quilts, and describes her quiltmaking style as traditional, but with a touch of the contemporary. Janet tries to write quilt patterns that appeal to a broad range of quilters, from beginners to experienced.


Janet was the sole freelance writer for eight of the ten books in Rodale Press's Classic American Quilts series, and has contributed to many other books and patterns as both a writer and editor.

Janet collaborated with her sister Donna to write Quick Little Quilts. She authored Easy-to-Make Dollhouse Quilts, a collection of foundation pieced minis, Teach Yourself Quilting, a reference for beginning to experienced quilters and The About.com Guide to Quilting.

Janet teaches quilting classes and lectures about quilts for her own events and for others. One of her favorite classes is teaching quilters how to make hand marbled fabric, a dual purpose class with time set aside for quilt construction after fabrics are created.

Other Writing and Interests

Twenty-five years of working mostly at home, writing about and making quilts, resulted in a bit of 'cabin fever' for Janet. Her solution -- get out and about with people a few days a week by using her skills as a licensed esthetician (skin care therapist) and licensed massage therapist. Janet has met numerous fellow quilters at her massage and skin care business. She also creates a line of palm-free handcrafted soaps and other body products for BlueRidgeComforts.com.



Janet attended the University of Missouri at Kansas City. She also completed the education necessary to become a licensed massage therapist and esthetician, and expands her knowledge of both professions by attending as many continuing education classes as possible each year.

By Janet Wickell:

Quilting is an ongoing adventure. Your tastes will change and your skills will grow every time you make a quilt, whether it's your first or your hundredth. If you are new to quilting, you're in for a treat, because online quilters are always willing to share their expertise, and sharing is just one of the many reasons why our quilting community is so special. I hope you'll make my web site your quilting home base. It's a place to learn, share expertise and make new friends.



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